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Certified Member - VOXSTAR NATION

Vocal Profile
Male. Non-Union. Age Range 30-50
Vocal Description

Big, Charming, Dignified, Warm, Educational,

Enthusiastic, Intelligent, Neighborly, Personable,



Industry Niches
  • Commercial
  • Narration
  • Self-Guided Tours
  • Telephony


About Arthur...
Arthur, who has been in the world of voice-over since 1996, has always been drawn to jobs where he can display his personality. After years of minimal voice over success, Arthur decided to re-create himself in 2010, an "Extreme Makeover" if you will, placing his talent in the hands of Edge Studio in NYC, who have pin-pointed a niche in the industry for his congenial, appealing style. The results been rewarding for him, landing him on talent rosters with Edge and with BrightTalk Studios leading to commercials for the NY Red Bulls & the FDNY, work on short films like Diamonds, currently making the festival circuit, and narrating a commemorative video in celebration of the 30th anniversary of The Thurgood Marshall College Fund.
Home Studio
 - Blue Dragonfly Microphone
 - Shure SRH840 Headphones
 - Avid Recording Studio & ProTools

Previous Clients

Edge Studio , New York City
Professional Voice-Over Training Program Featuring Private Sessions with Michael Ingram and Linda Jones.
QuickThinking Improv, New York City
Improvisation Classes with John Swist.
Jackie Maw
KiwiBrooklyn Media Group
It is without hesitation that I would recommend Arthur on any project. He presents all the sought-after qualities of a voice-over artist.
Contact Information
Phone: 201-937-6258


Location: NYC Tri-State Area
Skype: agpugh1

I'm KLF Protected.

Are you?

Oh yeah... I act too!


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